Neil Felton

Neil Felton is a third generation Kiwi born, September, 1942 in Auckland, He attended Mt Roskill Grammar School, Teacher's Training College and Auckland University, worked as a builder's labourer, had a flirt with a fast food outlet, became a sign writer, painted, wrote poetry, and turned his hand to a number of other things. Your usual Kiwi, I suppose

.A short visit to Europe with a group of artists gave things a bit of a shake up. He arrived back in New Zealand with a change of clothes only. It seems quite normal for many young ones now-a-days. Then it was not so. It was certainly back to the drawing board for him, if only he coud find one.

That trip was to be the gravy for the book, Remember Yenom - and more writing to come.

At some stage, working on computers, between acting and playing snooker he acquired the domain name, with the hunch that it would be important in the future. Art was always there tugging at him, not letting him off the hook for too long. He taught art. Huh, you can't teach art, he told a local Head Master who wanted him on his staff. But he did a stint at that. They had fun and created wonderful work. And now, thirty odd years later, Neil has built this new site at to promote Remember Yenom, portrait work​ and recent paintings for sale.

Thanks for the support
Neil N Felton